CRISPR Screening Core

Overview of Services

The CRISPR screen core aims to help Joslin researchers to take advantage of the cutting-edge whole genome CRISPR screen technology, to do innovative research and discover new targets for your research projects.

The CRISPR screen core can help design, execute, and analyze genome-wide CRISPR based knockout screen or overexpression screen in human or mouse cells. We can also help generate mutant cell lines through CRISPR technology for validation and follow-up studies.

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Publication Disclaimer

If any of your research has been supported in full or in part by a Joslin Diabetes Center DRC Core, please acknowledge the NIH/NIDDK grant as follows: "Supported by DRC, Grant No. P30 DK036836."


Peng Yi
Yu-chi Lee

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Joslin Diabetes Center, Inc.

One Joslin Place

Boston, MA 02215

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Peng Yi
Core Director
Rm. 440A
Yu-chi Lee
Research Assistant
Rm. 475