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Molecular Phenotyping and Genotyping Core

Overview of Services

The objective of the Molecular Phenotyping and Genotyping Core is to support Joslin and external investigators in the study of molecular mechanisms of disease by providing equipment, expertise, and services in molecular phenotyping, including nucleic acid sequence analyses, gene expression, and other “-omics” analyses, which would be too specialized or costly for individual laboratories to perform independently. Formerly known as the Advanced Genomics and Genetics Core, the Molecular Phenotyping Core is newly-named in recognition of the expansion of its analytical capacities to reflect not only genetic and genomic analyses but also metabolic phenotyping.


Current services

  • DNA Purification

  • DNA repository

  • SNP genotyping

  • Bioanalyzer analysis of DNA/RNA

  • DNA shearing

  • Next Generation Sequencing

  • Genetic Characterization of Diabetes for Clinical Studies

  • Bioenergetics of Cells and Tissues (Seahorse Bioanalyzer)

  • Digital PCR (ddPCR)

  • Real-time qRT-PCR expression analysis

  • Education and training


New services!

  • Single Cell Analysis (10X Genomics) 

  • Qiagen Qiacube Connect 



Publication Disclaimer

If any of your research has been supported in full or in part by a Joslin Diabetes Center DRC Core, please acknowledge the NIH/NIDDK grant as follows: "Supported by DRC, Grant No. P30 DK036836."

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM 

1 Joslin Place
Boston, MA. 02215

Links and Resources

  1. Molecular Phenotyping Genotyping Core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Alessandro Doria and Mary-Elizabeth Patti
Co-Directors (genetics/genomics)
617-309-1966 / 617-309-2635 /
Room 445A / Room 620
Christine Mendonca
Core Manager (genetics)
Room 445E
Alyssa Suarez
Research assistant (genetics)
Room 467
Qiong Zhou
Core Manager (genomics)
Room 607